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Midas' Touch Gold Cutlery Ensemble (Set of 5)

Midas' Touch Gold Cutlery Ensemble (Set of 5)

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The endless effort and patience of the artisans belonging to Moradabad, a district in Uttar Pradesh that is home to a unique cluster of over 500 crafty artisans, is encapsulated in this ensemble. This sheer set of elegant beauty goes ahead and exhibits the tremendous potential of the workers who have been creating magic with their art since centuries. Displaying an effortless brilliance capable of charming your customers easily, the cutlery set is made using the technique of metal casting. Metal casting employs molds of different hollow designs and shapes into which liquid metal is poured and left to cool down. What comes out is a sturdy, solid metal crafting that gets worked on for detailing. This technique dates back 7000 years when copper was in abundance and used as the predominant metal casting material. Gradually, many other materials, including sand, loam, and durable plasters, were used to make molds for the liquid to assume a specific shape. The process has various techniques and specifications, coming out from multiple schools of thought. Each approach contributes something fresh and artisanal to the existing processes

Color : Gold

Production Method : Metal Casting

Material Description : Metal

Size (L x B x H) : 8.93 x 0.7 Inches

Weight : 150 grams

Care Description : Wash thoroughly after use

Disclaimer : This set has been casted by artisans, hence minor variations in color, pattern and texture are a part of the charm. These attributes lend authenticity, character and exclusivity to your purchase, making it one-of-a-kind

Pack Contents : Set of 1 Knife, 2 Spoons, 2 Forks

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