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Multi Color Striped Turkish Towel

Multi Color Striped Turkish Towel

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This beautiful and practical hamam towel is the finishing touch for your vacation.  Hamam towels have been used to dry oneself for thousands of years. They dry faster than contemporary synthetic fabrics, they last a long time, and they may be utilized for a variety of things. When purchasing a hamam towel, it's critical to get the right size.

Turkish hamam towels are some of the most rich and durable available. They are made from 100% Turkish cotton and hand woven in Turkey by experienced artisans who use years of traditional tools to perfect their craft - this ensures that each hamam towel has its own distinct design, which also ensures enhanced absorbency. The Multi Color Striped Pestemal Hamam Towel is the most colorful and stylish towel in the collection. The bright stripes provide a pop of color to any space. This hamam towel is ideal for spending your day at a sauna, the beach or simply relaxing in yoga class. Its softness and absorbency will make you feel at ease, while it also dries quickly to avoid accumulating germs all over it.

Why not replace that old, tattered fabric with something new? Nothing is more invigorating than a hamam cloth. 


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